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SIG SSS (Boys) Quartier Militaire, Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Zone 2




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1. School Management Team (SMT)
    Chairperson: Rector
Members: Deputy Rector, Senior Educator,Senior Most Educator/ Educators involved
2. Pedagogical Committee (PC)
    Chairperson: Rector
    Members: Deputy Rector, Senior   Educators and all HoDs
3. Disciplinary Committee
    Chairperson: Deputy Rector/ Senior  Educator               
    Members 1. School Superintendent
                2. Mr S. Tirbhowan
                3. Mrs K. Ancharaj
                4. Mr J. Dagah
                5. Mr Vassen Veeramootoo
                6. Mrs K. Luckhun
                7. Head Boy
                8. President Student Council
                9.Mr Doorgachurn (PTA)
3a Book Review Panel  Committee
    Chairperson: Rector/Deputy Rector/ Senior                     
    Members: All HoDs
3b. Pastoral Care & Counselling Desk
      Chairperson: Senior Educator
      Members 1. School    Superintendent
                      2. Mrs Beejadhur
                      3.Miss Chung
                      4. Mrs Yadally
                      5. Mr Jahangeer
                      6. Mr Jhumka
                      7. Mr Soonnoo
4. Health and Safety Committee
    Chairperson: Rector
    Members: 1. School Superintendent
                 2. Mr Naicken
                 3. Mr Rajesh Aucharaj
                 4. Mr J. Ramtanon
                 5. Mr P.K Ujoodha              
6. Welfare Committee
    Chairperson: Mrs D. Heeroo
    Members: 1.Mrs T. D Sobnack
                     2. Mrs K. Ameer Meea
                     3. Mrs Banally
                     4. Mr J. Rujbally
                     5. Mrs Persand
                     6. Mrs Busropun
                     7. Mrs H. Armoogum
                     8. Mrs A. K Seeboruth
                     9. Mr Bansee
                     10. Mr Teeluckdarry
7. School Events Committee
      Chairperson: Rector/ D. Rector
      Members: 1. Senior Educator
                       2. Mr P. Jata
                       3. Mrs Gopaulen
                       4.   Mrs Choonee
                       5. Mrs A. Khodabaccus
                       6. Mr J. Rujbaully
                       7. Mr V, Veeramootoo
                       8. Mrs P. B. Ujoodha
                       9.Mrs D. Heeroo
                       10. School Superintendent