​In the village of Quartier Militaire, found in the Central part of our country, is constructed the Junior Secondary School, which proudly bears the name of a former lady Prime Mister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi.  A glance at the building from afar, we tend to have the strong feeling that it has a lot of secrets which it has concealed.  Whether this feeling is true or not, there is one idea which no one can deny the Shrimati Indira Gandhi State Secondary School has a long positive history behind it.
Taking the road to Curepipe, through the Military Road, we come across the Sugar Insurance Fund, and just next to it is found the Shrimati Indira Gandhi State Secondary School.  On the right side, just opposite to our school, is located the `Flacq District Council, all found in a super humid and very cold region.
The Early Beginning dual Purpose
The Shrimati Indira Gandhi Junior Secondary School was founded in March 1980.  At the beginning there were a few classes for Form One pupils and there was practically no equipment.  At that time there was no Rector but it had a Principal in the person of Mr Ayub Cassim and a few teachers.
Gradually other classrooms were made available and Form Two pupils could attend  school from ten to eight a.m to ten to two p.m.
Dual Purpose Community School
During those days, pupils attending the Community Schools (pupils who had failed their C.P.E Exams) had to go to Central Flacq to follow their classes.
Thus, those pupils were accommodated at the Shrimati Indira Gandhi JuniorSecondary School. Their classes started as from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m., on weekdays and from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 on Saturdays.
Co-educational Institution
In its early days, the institution was a mixed school providing education to pupils of Form One to Form Three only. Then, as other Junior Secondary Schools, it was allowed to provide education up to Form Five. In 1995, the school became a State Secondary School. There were upper classes for pupils coming from rural as well as urban areas. It dispensed education in Arts, Science, Economics and Technical subjects.
On the 19th November 1985, the school was inaugurated by Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, Prime Minister in the presence of Honourable Armoogum Parsuramen, Minister of Education, Arts and Culture. As from 1995, upon the Ministry’s decision, the Shrimati Indira Gandhi SSS became a boy’s school. The girls were sent to the Dunputh Lallah SSS in Curepipe. The school, as from 2005, is Form One to Form Five school.
New Block
A new book was constructed in 1994-95, The aim of the Ministry was to provide more seats for pupils from the catchment area.