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SIG SSS (Boys) Quartier Militaire, Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Zone 2

SMT Indira Gandhi

Our school proudly bears the name of one of the most illustrious political and historical figures INDIRA GANDHI, former Prime Minister of India.  She is still deeply respected and praised for her invaluable contribution in speeding the progress of her motherland.  Born in a family where politics was omnipresent, she was quick to follow in the steps of her father Jawaharlal Nehru who has also been the 1st Prime Minister of independent India.  In fact, Indira Gandhi set on the political path at an early stage of her life and demonstrated the qualities of a promising politician.  Far from having a smooth political career, Indira Gandhi had to face a lot of challenges, criticism and opposition.  However, she remained undeterred in the pursuit of her aim by working for the upliftment of India with equal mindedness and unfeigned fellow-feeling.  Even the private life of this great lady was not one characterized by unclouded happiness.  It was one punctuated by hard and tragic moments constant imprisonment of her father and relatives, loss of her husband and death of her son.
Yet, she remained undaunted and accomplished her duties with dignity.  Although brutally killed, Indira Gandhi will never be erased from the world’s memory.  Her achievements will always be recognized, her values will always be upheld and she will always live through the “SHRIMATI INDIRA GANDHI STATE SECONDARY SCHOOL AT QUARTIER MILITAIRE”.
Chronology of the main events of her Life (source: quoted from school magazine)
19 November 1917, Indira Priyadarshini Nehru Gandhi was born in the house of Jawaharlall and
Kamla Nehru in Allahabad
 Joined Indian National Congress Party
Married Feroze Gandhi
First son Rajiv Ratna Gandhi was born
Son Sanjay Gandhi was born
Her father Jawaharlal Nehru became 1st Prime Minister of India
Elected President of Indian National Congress
Lost her husband
Lost her father
Became Minister of Information and Broadcasting under Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Government
She served as the 3rd Prime Minister of India after Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death until the next
Won election and continued to serve as Prime Minister
Again won election and re-elected as India’s Prime Minister
Lost elections and seat in Parliament
Congress Party and Indira Gandhi won elections.  Indira Gandhi was once again Prime Minister
Lost son Sanjay in plane crash
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her bodyguards