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SIG SSS (Boys) Quartier Militaire, Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Zone 2

Deputy Rector

                                           It is indeed with immense pleasure that I am jotting down a few words for the school website.  I sincerely hope that my words will inspire and motivate both students and staff to give their very best so that they emerge victorious in all their endeavours and the school becomes a centre of excellence in the Moka District.
                                           I joined the Shrimati Indira Gandhi SSS at the beginning of this month, more precisely, on 4th January with a lot of enthusiasm and grit.  After almost one month spent with both students and staff,  I can say that my integration into the SIG SSS family has been smooth.  The teaching and non-teaching staff and the boys have been and are very warm and welcoming to date.  This undeniably shows that a good school culture prevails at SIG SSS.  I seize this opportunity to congratulate the previous Rector, Mr N. Beegun, and the previous Deputy Rector, Mrs S. Bandhoo, for having done a wonderful job throughout their stay here.  I want to reassure them that the Rector, Mr S. Parmessa and mysef will continue the good work they started.
                                           Leading and managing a boys’ school is not an easy task as it is a huge responsibility which is fraught with many challenges.  But rest assured, I will be here to assist the Rector at all times in running the school and I will also be around to provide the required support to the staff, so that the latter can cope with daily challenges.  Our priority will be to provide a conducive learning environment in order to promote the optimum development of our boys.  The physical environment of the school too requires our attention and we will gradually look into this and bring in positive changes for everyone.  However, this may take some time, therefore, I request you all to be patient and to help us in this endeavour as a very committed team.   Please remember that we are all of us the beads which make a chain whose strength lies in the fact that we are together and we all move in the same direction.  The day one of us decides to pull apart that day the chain will break causing the remaining beads to scatter in various directions.  In other words, I mean to say:  “United we stand, divided we fall!”
                                           We all want the same thing…the academic success of our boys, be it at SC or HSC level.  But at the same time, we want our boys to pass out from SIG SSS as highly cultured responsible young citizens who can easily adapt to the rapidly changing society be it in Mauritius or abroad.  Therefore, besides a purely academic education we should also cater for a value-based education and to achieve this we must provide a panoply of extra-curricular activities to our boys.  Hence, in this endeavor I solicit the support of one and all.  I thank you in advance because I am fully convinced that at SIG SSS both the teaching and non-teaching staff is striving for the welfare and benefit of students.
Mrs S. Ramsurrun Nunkoo
30th Jan 2017