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SIG SSS (Boys) Quartier Militaire, Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Zone 2

PTA President


Message from the President of the PTA
Dr Dinesh K Hurreeram
SIG SSS celebrates its 35 years of existence this year. Over the years since 1980, hundreds of students have completed their studies at the school and now assume an active role in the economic development of the country. They all take pride of their stay at SIG SSS.
While we admit that the school has gone through loads of ups and downs over the past years, the new PTA team has set itself a challenge of making SIG SSS one of the best institutions in Mauritius. We have sufficient experience to make it happen. In this endeavour we shall stick to our vision of making the school a centre of excellence for education fostering harmonious, intellectual, physical and moral development with a view to better serve the country.We foresee our role as an enabler in a quest to build excellence in our youth.
It is not the infrastructure that makes the school but the staffs, students and parents. In this context, the PTA will spare no efforts in providing a conducive environment for the learning and personal development process to take place. The contribution and collaboration of one and all is vital in this ambitious venture towards excellence.
We need a plan to achieve our strategic objectives, one of which is to achieve 100% success rate at both SC and HSC level by 2018. Our planning rest on 5 pillars: support for academic development, discipline reinforcement, running of non-curricular activities, rewards for excellence and investment in infrastructure. These will remain permanent features on the agenda of the PTA under my chairmanship. Success will obviously depend on the support from parents which I personally look forward to.
Let’s not chase good results but create the conditions for better results to chase us.
Dr D K Hurreeram



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