Department Profile:
The Pre-Vocational Dept. is comprised of:

1.  Mr Mahadawo (Head)

2   Mrs A.K. Seboruth (Medco)

4.  Mr Vassen Veeramootoo
5.  Mr Puttyah  (F/T) 
6. Mrs Yadally                                                                     
7. Mrs  S.Senedhun
8. Mrs Preeti Diksha KHURUN (Medco)
1.       Talk by psychologist.
2.       Visit to hydroponic at Mte Blanche and Wooton.
3.       Making of gift box, cuboid, snake and ladder game, coat hanger (wood), face mask.
4.       Making of crane.
Performance and Achievements:
Students are CPE failures, the curriculum proposes 5 learning domains to improve numeracy and literacy. As students are slow learners, more emphasis is laid on continuous assessment and pastoral care to enhance learning.
In view to maximise learning opportunities, the Rector is catering for the availability of specialist rooms and workshops. A special arrangement has been made in a classroom with fixation of a water point for practical work in Home Economics.